Submissions Are Now Closed!

Everyone is welcome to attend & participate in all of our weekend activities!
However, we congratulate the 50 athletes, plus T.R.A.M.P CHAMP Winners, COMING SOON, who have been invited to compete. 

For 2021, all GTGamesUS submissions must contain the following:

• Forward & Backward rotations

• Twisting 

• Combinations

• Creativity

• A variety of controlled landing positions - stomach, back, feet

Submissions not containing these elements will not be considered. 

You must be 11 years of age at the time of the event to compete. We will divide entries into 2 age categories, as in previous years; Junior & Senior. 

Everyone is invited to attend the GTGamesUS with a 'Weekend Pass' but only 50 athletes will be invited to compete. 


Please use the hashtag #BergGTGamesUS2021 in your submission on Instagram to enter, or you can upload the video here.